Terms and Conditions

Focus Transport Terms and Conditions of Business.

Our quotation assumes ease of access at a point adjacent to the house for loading and unloading. An additional charge may be added for premises with difficult access.

Please inform us in advance of any heavy lifting required such as pianos and safes and any likely difficulties with parking a large removal vehicle so the necessary arrangements can be made. Additional costs may be incurred for the above.. Assembly of furniture and any tradesman services such as for the disconnection of a washing machine and/or lighting may incur a charge. A delay for keys at the new property may incur an additional charge. However, depending on the location, on request, free storage can be offered.

Stated delivery times are only estimated times of arrival.

Payments are to be made and cleared fully by bank transfer prior to delivery. If these criteria are not met, the company reserves the right not to deliver and to charge for storage and subsequent delivery at the standard rate. Storage charges will commence on a weekly basis, 2 weeks after collection where the delay of the delivery is the fault of the customer.

Extra charges will be incurred if the volume of work is 10% greater than that quoted. Extra charges will be made to the client if more than 2 men are required to carry out the work.

The company reserves the right to alter without warning any scheduled service it operates without liability. Focus Transport is able to indemnify the client against All Risks of loss or damage to household removals arising from any cause during loading or unloading of the conveying vehicle or transit therein but excluding the following:

A) Loss or damage to furs, jewellery, watches, precious metals and precious stones, deeds, bonds, Bills of Exchange, promissory notes, money or securities for money, stamps of any kind, manuscripts and other documents. B) Loss or damage caused by or arising from wear, tear gradual deterioration, mildew, moth, vermin, or any process of cleaning, repairing or restoring. C) Loss or damage to self-assembly furniture unless dismantled prior to the day of removal and paid for. D) Mechanical or electrical damage unless caused by external means. E) Breakage of owner-packed goods as indicated overleaf unless caused by a major accident to the means of conveyance. F) Loss or damage occurring in premises where the goods are stored or warehoused unless the cover is granted elsewhere in this policy.

It is a condition precedent to liability that the client shall obtain a value inventory in respect of the goods, prepared prior to commencement of transit and signed by the owner of the goods.

Any discrepancies and complaints should be notified to the company in writing within 48 hours of the move. Your Removal Quotation letter is valid for a maximum period of 3 months. If you postpone or cancel the contract, we will make a charge according to how much notice is given. Deposit: nonrefundable.

Limited Liability In the removal industry, limited liability is standard practice because the mover does not know the value of a customer’s goods.

Special Cases. Focus Transport Terms and Conditions are important. Please note the following: Focus Transport excludes liability for jewellery, CDs, electrical goods and other similar items. Focus Transport limits the company’s liability to £40 per item in the event of loss or damage caused as a result of its negligence. Focus Transport limits the company’s liability to £75 per premises in the event of damage to your premises. Focus Transport excludes liability for owner-packed goods other than through negligence.

Focus Transport specifies the time limits for submitting claims for loss or damage. Jewellery, money and other items should not be included for removal. If you want to do your own packing you need to consider the following: Focus Transport is responsible for the loss or damage caused by its negligence. Goods may be damaged by other causes over which a removal contractor has no control.

Matching Pairs and Full Sets of Items. Like most household contents policies, if one of a pair of items or part of a set is lost or damaged, our agent will only pay for the individual item that is lost or damaged. Our agent will not pay for the replacement of the entire set. Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown It is not possible for Focus Transport to check that electrical goods are working before a move takes place and we obviously have no responsibility for pre-existing damage. This means that we will only pay for mechanical and electrical breakdown if there is obvious damage to outer casings.

The client is totally responsible for establishing that all items for transport/removal have been removed in their entirety. No liability will be accepted for any oversight even if verbal instructions have been given to the company. All commercial goods carried under CMR will be subject to the insurance by weight at the time , a copy of this is available on request.

In the event of any accounts, which have been outstanding in excess of 3 months from date of collection or departure, for goods stored under contract, the goods may be returned to the departing depot and transport costs incurred will be charged at the standard rate applicable for the full round trip.

For all storage agreed upon, a 3-month deposit must be paid in advance. After that period, a monthly payment needs to be made to this company for storage costs. If no payment has been received from the client after 3 months, notice will be given and, 1 month after that, the goods will be disposed of. Any stored goods that have not had an account settled after a 3-month period will then become the goods of Focus Transport.

Force Majeure: In any case Focus Transport, related business nor any of its contractors can be expected to meet their respective commitments where circumstances beyond their control ( force majeure events ) prevent them from or delay them in providing the service covered by the present General Terms and Conditions. The following events shall be deemed cases of force majeure: war (including civil uprisings) and other political troubles, any type of administrative decision or court order delaying or preventing the performance of the service., strike or lock out, interruption of telecommunications link or network, interruption, blockage or slowing down of traffic on access roads, exceptional weather conditions, vehicle malfunctions, third party non supply of parts or repair… such events would entitle Focus Transport and related business to suspend the performance of their obligations in so far as these are affected by a case of force majeure without obliging them to meet their commitments and without entitling the client or any third party to any compensation.

Focus Transport employs professional staff who are entitled to work in a safe and pleasant environment our employees are not expected to place themselves in danger during loading or offloading situations. Any task deemed to be unsafe will not be carried out by Focus Transport staff and will be at the sole risk or expense of the client to rectify. Verbal, inclined or physical abuse of our employees will not be tolerated and may result in prosecution by the relevant authorities.

No illegal or smuggled substances will be transported these include: Drugs, Cigarettes, Tabaco, Radioactive material, Hazardous Goods or Chemicals.

All goods deemed to be suspicious will be opened and checked and the relevant authourities informed for further checks. Any client found to be transporting such items will not only face prosecution but also be liable for any and all costs incurred by Focus Transport including delay charges, vehicle / plant recovery, fines, legal expenses, etc.

Vehicles or machinery must be in a condition fit to travel with no fuel / oil leaks, fluids of any other kind and must have all relevant ownership papers in respect of vehicle licensing. Brakes must be functional including hand brake. All vehicle movement quotes assume a working vehicle any vehicle found not to be able to move under its own power will be either refused or charged additionally for the work involved during loading and offloading.