Specialists in Home and Office Removals, Focus Transport can help your move become effortless with our packages designed around you. Our services include the following, when others usually offer only part services at best:

Services focus Others
Uniformed Professional Staff
Own Transport Used, No Subcontractors
Guaranteed Delivery Dates
Packing Services
Fixed Price Quotation
Online Quotation Available
Company Website Updated Daily
Local Removal
International Removal
Individual Vehicle Tracking

REMOVAL PACKING TIPS Some things are obvious !, well they are when you don’t have the stress of moving home added to them, so we have put together a list of “Top Tips” to remind you what’s needed, leaving you to think about the more important things in life.

  • Remember to order your materials i.e.: Boxes, Bubble Wrap and Tape.
  • Save old newspapers and magazines, they are great to wrap around glasses and ornaments.
  • Pack boxes in a methodical room by room order, so that when we arrive at your new home the main rooms will have the correct items in place, after all if the food mixer ends up in the bathroom then it makes twice the work.
  • If you have time, make a note of what is in each box, this way if you cannot unpack everything at the other end you can at least find what you want later.
  • Number each box then make a list of the numbers and where they will go in your new home. Give us a copy and then our removal men can use this to locate each boxinto its correct room. 6. Do not overload heavy items such as books, DVD´S.
  • Mark on “FRAGILE” or “GLASS” on boxes containing these items.
  • Items that may “CRUSH” mark again so that they can be packed on top of the pile.
  • Dangerous goods such as Gas containers, Sharp Knives etc should also behighlighted.
  • Remember where you packed the Tea, Coffee, Sugar and Kettle as this is always the first box removed from the lorry.


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